Our team

Jade Wang
CEO & Co-Founder

Rifle and I were on a small team working on a super ambitious idea, a big chinese boardgame community, this project is now Rawstone Games, a big family around the world.

Rifle Feng
Co-Founder / CFO

Jade and I, throughout the years have played hundreds of games (which i think is a very nice way to bond), Abstract Strategy, Card Game, Farming, Cooperative, Deck-Building, are some of our passions and now our job.

Vincenzo Piscitelli

Tuan Rajap
Director of Licensing

Love Rolling Dice and always trying to stay a step ahead on strategy! A father by choice and a gamer by chance! Fun, loving character who is always up to have a good time.

Lupin Zhang
Graphic Designer

Sebastian Wu
Sales Manager

I’m a sucker for miniature games and there’s no doubt that ameritrash games will be the domination of the world! If one beautiful miniature can’t buy you, then how about two? As a geek for many years, I’ll let everyone fall in love with boardgames.

Kong Zhao
Lead Graphic Designer

As a designer, I always try to make our products meet the taste of Chinese players. I manage the graphic design of our products and campaigns, and also make emojis of my team members.٩(ˊωˋ*)و

Jeremy Howard
Licensing Manager

Flower Wang
Marketing Manager (Est)

Crystal Tanner
Licensing Assistant

Carolina Esposito
Social Media Specialist (West)

Marilyn Zhang

Shine Ma
Finance manager

Oko Gu
Operation Manager

Simon Cui
Production Manager

Ariel Yu

Cory Hu