We’re looking for: “Licensing & Sales Agents” located in EU!📢

We’re looking for: “Licensing & Sales Agents” located in EU!📢

 communication Your business is expanding and we are looking for a new member to join our team of Licensing Agents. Will it be you?

Here’s a few information you need to know before considering application:


Rawstone Games is a publisher of board games located in China. We are a multinational team of board game enthusiasts that localize, publish, and manufacture board games in China.

We have published more than 50 board games to date and are always on the hunt to bring games to our markets. We are a sales driven business, but we invest in the growth and development of our staff.

As we continue to expand our reach, we hope our team and our products will have the respect of the board game industry all over the world.


As Licensing & Sales Agent, you will seek to build relationships with publishers and designers to sign board games for localization, publishing, and manufacturing to the Chinese market.

We are looking for professionals fluent in English communication, who are comfortable with researching and communicating with industry professionals to acquire titles. You must be knowledgeable about the board game industry, be a confident communicator, and have a strong sales background.

We are willing to train the right candidate. We are looking for candidates who are based in the EU to handle mostly european fairs and some international fairs too. This job is remote.


A Licensing and Sales Agent will be responsible for:

  • Sales: Seeking contracts for localization, manufacturing, and game development
  • Communication: Making initial contact with publishers and designers
  • Research: Finding current and upcoming board game titles to pursue that will be valuable to the Chinese market -Technical Skills: Create, update, and present reports

 optional: Able to travel to EU fairs or international convention (all expenses are paid)



  • High School Education or Higher 
  • Sales Specific Degree is a plus


    • 2+ Years of general sales (Plus if board game sales specific)
    • 3+ Years Background knowledge of the board game industry (crowdfunding, sales, board gaming knowledge)
    • Must be able to write and speak English proficiently
    • Proficiency with MS applications (Word, Excel)
    • Comfortable with cold sales communication
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
    • Detail oriented and highly organized
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Ability to take initiative, ownership and accountability for own work
    • Ability to prioritize tasks
    • Ability to handle a high volume of work while maintaining accuracy 
    • Able to attend 1+ in person conventions per calendar year (Optional)
    • Able to work a min of 15 hours per week

FSC Certificate acquired! ✅🌳

FSC Certificate acquired! ✅🌳

Rawstone got a little greener! 🌳🌱

We are very proud to announce that we obtained the FSC Chain-of-Custody certificate!

This is a big step ahead for a greener future and for a more sustainable board game industry. From now on, our partners can ask for more eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. 

We are then able to provide wooden and paper components, boxes and packaging that come from sustainable resources. 

Namely, we can ensure one or more of these labels, to be added to your board game box: 

  • FSC 100%: using wood and paper coming from FSC-controlled and certified forests and mills. 
  • Recycled: using raw materials 100% recycled to ease the pressure of harvesting new wood. 
  • Mix: a mixture of the above-mentioned materials and controlled wood. 

Discover more on FSC-certified materials on FSC.org

…or contact us for questions & quotations!



Spiel fair wrap up

Spiel fair wrap up

It took months of preparation but only four days for it to be over!🤪


With more than 950 exhibitors from 56 nations, 86,000 square meters of exhibition space and

seven exhibition halls, the Spiel is one of the biggest board game fairs around.

This year we set a milestone because for the first time we had our

own customised booth and the whole team reunited from all over the world in one place: Essen.




In our booth, visitors got the chance to see, first-hand, the quality of our manufacturing through sample boxes.

Guests were also able to have a chat with our licensing agents about the localisation of board games in the Chinese market.

Finally, they got to meet our founders and to know more about manufacturing and potential partnerships.




All of this, surrounded by gamers from all over the world and a veeery geeky atmosphere 😋

Thanks to Messe Essen for hosting this fantastic fair and thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!






See you next year!




It has been four days of fire, during one of the greatest annual boardgame conventions of the States. There has been a fair amount of game testing to do for our licensing agents but they seem satisfied with the new partnership sealed 🤝🤩

They’re now back home but left a few pictures for you to see ⤵

Thank you Gen Con, see you next year!

Origins game fair wrap up!

Origins game fair wrap up!

The Origins Game fair, held in Ohio past week, has come to an end.

The very hot weather didn’t stop our licensing agents from going out and about to talk business, test new games and …having fun 🤪 Indeed they came back with tons of material to revise and a few partnerships closed 🤩

It’s always a pleasure to attend this fairs live, we’re definitely coming back next year! Meanwhile, here’s a little sneak peek into the event⤵