Spiel fair wrap up

It took months of preparation but only four days for it to be over!🤪


With more than 950 exhibitors from 56 nations, 86,000 square meters of exhibition space and

seven exhibition halls, the Spiel is one of the biggest board game fairs around.

This year we set a milestone because for the first time we had our

own customised booth and the whole team reunited from all over the world in one place: Essen.




In our booth, visitors got the chance to see, first-hand, the quality of our manufacturing through sample boxes.

Guests were also able to have a chat with our licensing agents about the localisation of board games in the Chinese market.

Finally, they got to meet our founders and to know more about manufacturing and potential partnerships.




All of this, surrounded by gamers from all over the world and a veeery geeky atmosphere 😋

Thanks to Messe Essen for hosting this fantastic fair and thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!






See you next year!